Freedom to say what you think

Andrada Murea
2 min readJan 17, 2022

Dear people, what I see around me today terrifies me! Why are we so superficial? Why do we always complain? Why are we at war with each other? It’s so sad...

I am an introvert, I recharge my batteries when I am alone, sitting with my thoughts, analyzing what I see around me… having in me the burning desire to express myself, to say what I have in my soul and this I can do it in writing, feeling free!

While studying psychology, I understood people and their way of thinking much better. I understand that each person thinks differently, because of the way they grew up, because of the traumas they encountered, because of the entourage and the society they belong to.

What I want to emphasize is that despite these factors that have influenced our lives, we have the free will to choose what kind of people to be. We can complain all day about what we don’t have, attracting and preparing our minds for even less, because that’s what we’re doing! Or we could be grateful for everything around us, feeling love through every breath we have!

I wish I could help people understand how important it is to be grateful! At least for me, gratitude has become like a prayer, through which I thank the Universe / Creator for everything he has given me, at which point I end with a little meditation. After each trial I feel full of love, I look so fondly at each person, at every particle of dust that passes through the sunlight, I pay attention to the song of the birds that until then, I did not notice. I become aware of what life has given me, feeling the peace of mind.

We can begin our gratitude with a simple “THANK YOU”, looking into our mothers’ eyes because of them we are what we are today, to thank for the smile received from a stranger or the kindness of a person who jumps to your aid when you fell or noticed you had a problem! Little things make a difference!

We can change humanity, we can be better, we can be gentler, warmer with each other but for this … we have to give up pride, ego, and evil. Let’s learn to take care of our souls!

Until next time, I wish you a day of gratitude!



Andrada Murea

The power of writing comes from the heart. I am passionate about human healing!