Ho’oponopono technique

Andrada Murea
2 min readJan 26, 2022

Purify your mind and soul

Take steps to love yourself, accept and forgive yourself. When you love yourself, you get yourself as you are right now, and you assume all the parts of yourself that you cannot change. Your soul feels that it deserves love and belonging. Related to your body, it comes from a deep science and knows that it is dignified and sufficient.

When you fully accept yourself as a person who is still learning and trying to find the right path, you can begin to forgive yourself for so-called “failures.” When you start to forgive those who hurt you, you heal the unresolved issues. This will eventually easily lead you to the freedom to forgive others.

Forgiveness will make you feel free. And when you act from this state of freedom, you understand that you are really “cooperating” with yourself and find the key to inner harmony.


The choices are ours! Every decision we make directs our lives to a certain point. We have immense power to decide what we want to feel, where we want to go, and what our lives look like.

The decision we make is the consequence, positive or negative, of the next moment. Free will is in our hands, and it depends on us what our story will look like.

If we want not to be affected by a “problem,” we will be involved. If not, that “problem,” or we will conceive of it as a challenge.

The four essential phrases:
•” I love you.”
•” Sorry”
•” Please forgive me.”
•” Thanks”
This “Ho’oponopono” technique is a personal cleansing method that has its origins in the ancient Hawaiian tradition. It is a problem that allows us to act on our lives, healing everything starting from ourselves.

What does not stop us from having a whole and healthy life, we rediscover ourselves every day, really enjoying every moment, is that we are held captive in the past by many damaging programs, which I have accumulated over my life.

By practicing Ho’oponopono, we ask the Divinity to cleanse and purify the origin of these problems and programs that are, in fact, memories.

Purify your mind and soul!



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