How can I find myself?

Andrada Murea
3 min readJan 19, 2022


Today I felt a burning desire to write about the soul. My soul would want to connect with me and me with it. Lately, people are always surprising me with these questions: “What does my soul want?”, “How do I find myself?”, “What is the real meaning of life?”, “Who are the people who stand in my way? and what is their purpose in the appearance of my life?”

I am very attentive to what is happening around me. The world is constantly stressed; we are always looking for money. I notice that we live in the past or the future. We usually condition our happiness by future events “I will be happy and at peace the moment I will.” I realized that the moment we get to the point where we want it so much, the soul is not fulfilled, and then, we condition our happiness again with another event that will take place in the future, with the hope that maybe we will find peace, thus forming a vicious circle.

THE PRESENT is the key. We forget to become aware that the moment now will never return, we forget to enjoy the moments spent with our loved ones, we fail to stop sometimes instead and observe the beauty of people, to admire the gift of nature. Finally, we forget to enjoy every moment that life has to offer.

Another thing I started to notice is the appearance of every human being in us. People appear and disappear. Each individual comes with their own beliefs, personality, and morality. Nobody is perfect! We need to understand that every person’s behavior is governed by love or fear. This helped me understand what is hidden in people’s souls and taught me not to judge people anymore and accept them as they are.

From my point of view, there are no bad people or good people. Every human being has a path to follow. He has specific lessons to learn, and I believe that each individual is searching for the self, in search and rediscovery of the soul, whether consciously or not.

Even if each person comes with their perspective, the truth unites in the middle. It is essential to have a natural and beautiful connection, without judgment and full of sincerity. These things are necessary because people inspire us a lot, and I believe that together we can wake up to reality and learn to live as beautifully as possible.

I received a question the other day “What makes you happy?”, It’s funny because we don’t ask things like that, but it didn’t take me long to think because I knew the answer. My soul radiates happiness when I have the opportunity to help other people in any way, and I manage to bring that sincere smile of people, full of gratitude and love!

What makes you happy ?!
Until next time, I wish you the most profound contemplation of what makes you happy!



Andrada Murea

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