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3 min readMar 16, 2022

Why is it essential to have such people around you?

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In any relationship you have, whether it’s love, friendship, or business, you need to feel that you can trust the people around you. The moment the person in front of you proves that he is trustworthy, an incredible connection is created, a team is formed! These people give you a sense of security! I know that you will feel like me if you read this article now.

I have had “friends” from all walks of life throughout my life. I liked not judging and getting along with everyone. I trusted many people, but over time, I began to feel that not everyone was enjoying my success or that if I had a problem, many would disappear around me. I was judged and spoken to from behind, which hurt me because I put my soul into every relationship.

I have only one person who is with me and has been with me, no matter what period I have been through. If she saw that I was on the ground, she would come and stand next to me. We would get up together. When she heard bad words about me, she defended me because she knew me. I shared the last piece of bread with this person. Together, we knew what pain is, but also love. This person showed me what loyalty means, and I want to thank her with all my heart for giving me this experience.

She was a stranger at first, but now she’s part of me.

All my life, I have been looking for loyal people, more precisely, people I can trust.

Why? Because my time, like yours, is precious. I desire to find people with whom I can make real connections. I want to spend my time with quality people who guide me for good, and together, we can grow beautifully. I wish I could trust a person when I tell him the deepest thoughts of my soul without judging me or spreading the word further.

You may be wondering how many people I’ve met that I can trust. I have fewer people than the fingers of one hand. And no, I don’t need more because these people are significant to my soul.
Very few people get close to my soul, but if they succeed, I open up and offer them all my love and support.

Don’t forget! These connections are formed over time! And if you want the people around you to be loyal to you, you have to prove it. Respect everyone. Those who transmit negative energy to you try to avoid them and learn to create healthy relationships.

Be the first to offer, be the first to show kindness, and you will feel the people who respect you and offer you back.



Andrada Murea

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