Prisoner in your own creation

Andrada Murea
2 min readJun 6, 2022

Choose love!

I sit at the cafe on the corner of the block, sip a coffee and try to answer the question, “Why do I feel captive when all I offer is love? What can I do to change my condition?”

I used to think quite positively, induce a good mood on my own, and see beauty in everything. But now, for a while, it has been challenging for me to get up. I barely dared to write after almost two months. I always feel the need to run, to hide.

I know the reasons in my soul, but I don’t think I want to admit them consciously. But I should say them by name and not run away from them.
I give too much power to the people/things around me. When it comes to the people or things I care about, I don’t care about myself or my desires. I want to offer love, live in harmony, and be happy.

Why do I feel captive when all I offer is love? Why does the condition of others affect me so much? And at the same time, I am aware of the power of my thinking. But I’m a prisoner! I’m trapped in my own life.

I need to STOP!
I have two options. Either I begin to feed my soul and calm my mind gently, or I continue to hurt myself. And NO, not the people around me are the problem. The problem is that I allow them to control my direction/condition.



Andrada Murea

The power of writing comes from the heart. I am passionate about human healing!