Uncensored thoughts

Andrada Murea
3 min readApr 4, 2022

If you fall, get up and start over!

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I dared to publish my thoughts uncensored. Every question, every criticism brought to me by my mind. I want to be vulnerable to the world. I want to be honest. I want to emphasize that we are not perfect. Happiness or sadness is a fleeting emotion, just as everything is transient.

“Why? Why do I feel this feeling? This emotion that I have no words to describe. What do I need to learn? What can I do to get rid of expectations? How do I learn to love myself unconditionally? Why do I claim to be loved in this way, even if I can’t afford it? How easy it sounds, how easy it seems, and how much work, pain, healing, and hope are behind it.

Why don’t I enjoy the moments when I’m with myself more? Why do I feel the constant need to have someone by my side? Why am I afraid in the end? Why do I feel so insecure when I’m alone when I should feel whole?

I didn’t keep my word again. I stepped on my soul again to thank the people around me. Why can’t I be happy right now? Why do I sometimes get into these dark thoughts and fail to get rid of them?

I want to inspire the world, help people, and offer hope to lost souls. But what if I can’t help myself? Who am I fooling?”

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These thoughts are transcribed from my journal. I haven’t written in two weeks because I lost my inspiration. But now that I had calmed down, I felt the need to make peace with myself and focus on the beautiful things in my life. Sometimes I’m too critical of myself. I always want to do more and more.

But all these emotions and feelings help and motivate me. Even if I sometimes fall to the ground, it matters that I get more vital and more devoted.

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I want you to understand from this article that no matter what period you go through, don’t forget that everything is passing. You have the necessary “recovery” time and return with new strength. It’s natural to fall from time to time, but don’t be harsh with yourself, understand that you are just a human being.

Think about how you learned to walk. You fell from time to time. You didn’t give up, and you tried until you became a master! But don’t forget that from time to time, you stumble! That doesn’t mean you’re unfit to walk!

Please believe in yourself and take care of your soul!



Andrada Murea

The power of writing comes from the heart. I am passionate about human healing!